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Why is my radiator cold?

why are my radiators cold

In the winter months waking up to a warm house is the only way that some of us can get out of bed. If our radiators stop working, stepping into a cold room after sleeping can be a nightmare.  

If you are having problems with your radiators this post will give you some ideas on how to fix the problems that can occur with them. If they don’t go away after our suggestions you may need to consult with a plumber or heating engineer to fix your system.

All the radiators are cold

cold radiators

If all of your radiators are cold it could indicate that your boiler isn’t turned on or that your boiler isn’t firing up your central heating. This could be anything such as your boiler is losing pressure to more complex problems.

If your boiler doesn’t have pressure you may have a leak in the system or you may have bled your radiators recently so check the pressure on the system and if it’s below 1 bar of pressure you will need to repressurise your system.

If you can’t add more pressure to your system for whatever reason you may need your boiler repaired, or you could need a new boiler installed.

One radiator is cold.

If one of your radiators are cold while the rest of the radiators in your system work fine then the problem will be with that radiator. The first protocol would be to check if the radiator is turned on. This may seem like simple advice but everyone makes this mistake at one point in their lives.

If the radiator is turned on but there is no heat in it at all you should check the surrounding pipes to see if you can feel the heat in them. If the water is reaching the pipes and is warm but your radiator isn’t it could be blocked with limescale or other debris.

To fix this problem you will need to remove the radiator and flush it out. If you don’t have the confidence to do this yourself give a plumber a ring and they can sort this job out easily.

Why is my radiator cold at the bottom?

When your radiator is cold at the bottom but warm on the top it indicates that there is a blockage in the radiator. This blockage is usually caused by sludge from rust and other debris.

Limescale can also cause problems with your radiators being cold in the bottom and if you live in a hard water area this could more than likely be the reason for your problem.

If only one of your radiators is suffering from this problem you can remove it from your wall and give it a good cleaning to get all of the debris out. If more than one radiator is cold at the bottom and warm at the top you may want to consider power flushing your system.  

A power flush will clean out your heating system as it forces water and chemicals through it to eventually get rid of any debris into an outside drain. Power flushing your heating system is a great way of prolonging how long a boiler can last.

Why is my radiator cold at the top?

If your radiator is warm at the bottom but cold at the top it’s a good indication that air is trapped in your system. Thankfully there is a quick solution to this problem and that is to bleed your system.

When you bleed your radiators you will leave any excess air out of your radiators but be aware this will drop the pressure in your boiler so you will need to repressurise your boiler afterwards.

One cold radiator downstairs.

If you have a cold radiator downstairs, upstairs or generally further away from the boiler than any other radiators this could indicate there is a problem with your pump.

Your central heating pump is used to push warm water around your system but if the pump isn’t working correctly there won’t be enough power to push this water around the whole system. This then affects the radiators which are furthest away from the boiler.

If this is happening in your home you will need a heating engineer to replace your pump.

My radiators aren’t warming up my house.

If your radiators are on and they are warm but your home isn’t warming up then you either have a problem with your home’s insulation or you could have something blocking the heat from filling the room.

People drying clothes on radiators often see this problem, along with people who have large furniture in front of their radiators. If you are hanging clothes on your radiators or you are blocking them with large furniture remove the obstructions to see if this warms your home up better.


If your radiators are cold you will need to check to see if they are turned on, if your boiler is working, if air is trapped in the system or if there is dirt and other debris in your radiators, you can also check if your pump is broke if only certain radiators are effected.

If you need help with diagnosing any radiator problems please get in touch.

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