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Who Fixes Boilers?

who fixes boilers?

If your boiler breaks down it can be confusing on who to turn to fix your boiler. Many of our customers phone up and explain they aren’t too sure who fixes boilers and as we offer both plumbing servicesboiler repairs and boiler installations we may be a good fit.

For those of you wondering, yes we do fix boilers.

But if we aren’t local to you, we will cover who you should turn to if your boiler breaks down and what you should look out for to not only make sure you are getting a skilled and fully trained gas engineer but they are also legally covered to work on your boiler too.

Should you call a heating engineer or a plumber when your boiler breaks down?

To a homeowner, this is a confusing question as boilers have pipes and water runs through them, so naturally, you may think that a plumber can fix your broken boiler.

Do plumbers fix boilers?

does a plumber fix boilers

However, you shouldn’t call a plumber when you need to fix your boiler, and there are a few reasons for this. To trade as a plumber you don’t need any formal qualifications, this is important because to legally fix and install a boiler you need to have a Gas Safe qualification. Without one of these, you can’t legally fit a boiler.

Although a plumber will more than likely be able to work on your heating system and fix your radiators, pipes, thermostat and even fit an entire bathroom they may not be Gas Safe registered so they can’t touch your boiler.

Do heating engineers fix boilers?

do heating engineers fix boilers

A heating engineer should be called when you need to fix your boiler.

A heating engineer is someone who is more specialised and will only work on heating problems both commercially and domestically. They will have trained to a high level and will carry out boiler installations, boiler servicing and may even be trained as plumbers too.

It’s important to hire a qualified heating engineer when you need someone to repair your boiler as boilers can give off Carbon Monoxide gas which is an orderless and tasteless gas that can be fatal.

Hiring a heating engineer to mend your boiler will ensure the safety of everyone who lives in your home. If you need your boiler fixed make sure to hire a Gas Safe registered heating engineer.

How can I tell if a heating engineer is Gas Safe registered?

As we mentioned above, any business working in the UK that deals with gas appliances must be Gas Safe registered to do so. To make sure the heating engineer you get in touch with is registered you can take their business name or business registration number and check it on the Gas Safe website.

Before having someone to fix your boiler ask them for their Gas Safe register number and give it a quick check on the website above. If the engineer doesn’t give you a number don’t let them work on your boiler.

Some heating companies outsource their work to contractors too, so if a company is registered you should also check the individual contractor who arrives at your property to see if they have the relevant qualifications too.

The heating engineer should have a valid Gas Safe ID card that will show their photo, their registration number, an expiry date, a security hologram and the business they work for. Once again if the heating engineer doesn’t have their Gas Safe ID do not let them fix your boiler.

If you call out a company or individual who doesn’t provide you with the above and you think they are trading without a Gas Safe qualification then you can report them on the Gas Safe website. By doing this you could save someone’s life.

Should you fix your own boiler?

Sometimes your boiler will break down and you will be able to fix it yourself. We did a post on the most common reasons a boiler doesn’t fire up your central heating system which shows which problems you can fix yourself and which should be left to the experts.

Some problems such as your boilers clock being set for the wrong time or your radiators have air in them are simple enough to fix, but then leaks and any problems you are getting with your gas should be left to heating engineers like ourselves simply because of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Now you know who fixes boilers.

So now you know who fixes boilers. If you have any questions or would like to speak to us about our boiler repair services please get in touch with us and one of our Gas Safe registered heating engineers will give you advice on your next steps.

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