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How to clean your bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom is a job that no one likes to do and it’s surprisingly harder than it looks. For that reason, we will be giving you our top tips for cleaning a bathroom and you should be able to go through this post and tick off section by section when you are done.

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Firstly you are going to need to declutter your bathroom as many of us tend to overfill the room with too many towels or overflowing washing baskets. Some of us also have candles, flannels, bathrobes, and bath mats that add to this clutter.

You will need to store this clutter out of sight for a little while so we can get to cleaning your bathroom. Once all of these items are in a safe place you are ready to go ahead and clean the bathroom.

Clean Surfaces

We recommend starting with cleaning the surfaces in your bathroom down as the dust and grime will be moved off of your units on to the floor where they can be swept up so you can mop the floor at a later stage.

Apply cleaning solutions

At this point, the surfaces in your bathroom should be swept and now you can move on to applying cleaning solutions to them. You should have an open window at this point along with an extractor fan turned on if you have one so any chemical smells will be removed from the room.

Apply your chemicals to the bathtub, toilet, shower, and sink units and let them soak is according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Once again your bathroom should be well ventilated to get rid of these nasty smells. If you don’t like chemical smells you could also look at making your own white vinegar cleaning solution.

Remove limescale

Limescale can be difficult to remove from a bathroom so a specialised limescale remover should be used. You can either make your own or we would recommend purchasing a limescale remover from your local supermarket. Brands we have used include Detol and Cif, but non branded cleaning solutions can work well too.

Mop the floor

The last cleaning procedure before adding all of your bathrobes and towels back into the room is to mop the floor.

We would recommend getting a separate mop and bucket for the bathroom not to spread any germs when mopping the rest of the house.

When mopping the bathroom make sure to ring out your mop as tiles can get slippery easily and will take a while to dry if overdone. This can be dangerous to others in your home and it can also be a huge inconvenience when waiting for the floor to dry so you can walk on it again.

Keeping good care of your bathroom can prolong it’s life and can make you appreciate your existing bathroom more, but if you need help with installing a new bathroom please get in touch with us for a free quote.

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